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NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the DSX-40, DSX-80 and DSX-160, the newest members of NEC’s highly successful line of key telephone products.

The DSX offers you high performance, flexibility and the ability to custom design the system to your needs.  Innovation starts with the new telephones that feature a sleek, compact design, speakerphones, large displays and a built-in desk stand/wall mount kit with two-position angle adjustment.

With growth up to 160 ports, the DSX product family is perfectly suited for small to medium sized businesses that require large business capabilities such as T1, PRI and IntraMail support, plus the DSX offers capabilities such as built-in Caller ID and a 2 port Auto Attendant built-in that are ideal for small offices as well.

NEC DSX Full Color Brochure 900KB PDF NEC DSX Multibutton Telephone User Guide 3 MB PDF
NEC DSX 4 Page Color Brochure 2.1MB PDF NEC DSX Multibutton Telephone Feature Guide 4 MB PDF
NEC DSX Product Description Manual 5.2 MB PDF NEC DSX Super Multibutton Telephone User Guide 3 MB PDF
NEC DSX Digital Cordless Telephone User Guide 2MB PDF
NEC DSX Voice Mail Features 1.4 MB PDF